Solar-powered cameras provide solution for remote areas

Security protection for temporary sites and assets in remote locations has always been a big challenge, as no power supply or network cables are available. Here, Hikvision explains why solar-powered cameras can be a simple, practical, reliable and cost-effective solution for these sites.

Isolated sites such as farms, natural resorts, and pipelines, and temporary locations such as construction sites and annual cultural events, by their very nature, lack power and infrastructure, and face all kinds of light and weather challenges. Without readily available, “on-the-grid” energy sources in these outdoor environment, installing a traditional security system is wholly impractical.

Additionally, many of these sites require security protection on temporary bases, such as construction sites, road maintenance projects, open air music festivals, sporting events, fairs, carnivals, and many other events. When the job or event is finished, it does not make sense to continue incurring the cost of security systems.

To address the challenges of delivering credible security to these isolated sites and temporary locations, Hikvision offers a new “standalone” solution – the Solar-Powered Security Camera Setup. With everything it needs for self-sustaining operation, these setups perfectly suit various remote installations. They offer robust performance where power supplies and Ethernet cables can hardly reach. Besides that, excellent mobility and reliability make these ideal for geographically challenging environments and temporary installations. And when the time comes, they can go where the next event or job goes.

Installation made easy

Designed to be lightweight, Hikvision’s neat and compact Solar-Powered Security Camera Setups are easy to install. The pole-mounted unit weighs 14 kg (30 lbs), and no wires or cabling are required, making the deployment process fast, easy, and cost-effective, which significantly lowers barriers for remote and temporary sites looking to boost their security. Better yet, the solar-powered cameras can be easily moved to a new site and be re-deployed when a project completes.

A self-sustaining solution

The solar-powered camera setup uses a 40-Watt photovoltaic panel and a highly durable 20 Ah rechargeable Lithium battery. Because the setup gets power from the sun, there is no need for fixed power on the site. The kit is designed for reliability in the field, monitoring power levels and automatically switching to power-saving mode when battery power is low. This means it can work continuously for up to 7 days in cloudy and rainy weather when fully charged. Its 4G camera further packs a 32 GB eMMC (embedded Multimedia Card), ensuring continuous video recording even if there is an interruption with the SD card.

Sites safeguarded 24/7, in any weather

This solar kit is not only powerful enough to work in daylight, it is also outfitted with effective night vision. Empowered by Hikvision’s Colorvu technology, the solar-powered cameras offer clear vision in extremely dark environments, with color imaging of up to 8 MP resolution. In addition, being waterproof and dust resistant, the solar-powered cameras are able to endure extreme adverse weather conditions such as low temperatures, strong winds, and heavy rains, which are often experienced in remote areas.

Smart video with deep learning

Select camera models feature intelligent functions – they stay alert to security incidents using PIR (passive infrared) sensors, motion detection, or AI-powered perimeter protection. After setting up, the cameras can automatically push event-triggered notifications to users’ mobile devices. As the Acusense technology (in select cameras) helps to differentiate between humans and other moving objects such as animals, falling leaves, or heavy rain, false positives are minimized, and security teams will only be alerted in the event of real security threats.


Sustainability is a critical issue for today’s enterprises, increasingly motivated to be more environmentally conscious and less disruptive to the ecosystem. Powered by the sun, Hikvision’s solar-powered security cameras cause less pollution than disposable batteries. What’s more, these solar-powered cameras require no infrastructure, and therefore, cause little disturbance to any natural environment or wildlife.


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