360 o Total Security Services

360o Security and Monitoring System Services

G6S Security is an Eco Technology Security Company, intending to fill in the market need for a Security and Fire Systems service provider with a difference.

Over and above the traditional security and fire systems services, G6S Security provides a broad range of 360 Security and Monitoring System Services. These services include Security and Fire Systems Installation and Maintenance, Police and Fire Brigade Response, Cyber Security and I.T and security hardware eco-recycling support. Our Eco Recycling Support provides a capital return on investment when upgrading your existing Security or I.T hardware for end of lease or previously installed Security or Cyber Security hardware.

G6S Security’s mission is to save energy, reduce waste and eco recycle. Our internal ‘G6S Enviro’ policy ensures that we are paperless, low carbon and can recycle refreshed I.T and security hardware for our clients as part as our overall green strategy.

Fire and Security Systems


G6S Security can provide NSI Gold ARC monitoring support and Keyholding services and works with all manufacturers of security and fire systems. G6S Security provides complete service packages to support and keep your system up and running 24hours a day.

Cyber Security


G6S Security provides an inside-out approach to protecting your networks and connected I.O.T. Our cost effective Cyber Security solutions and advanced threat detection ensures that your I.T networks are continually monitored 24/7. Our layered security approach will not only protect your business perimeter, but significantly reduce your time to detection and impact from Cyber criminals.

Secure Eco Services


G6S Security provides Secure Eco Services when upgrading your existing Security or Network I.T Hardware. Our Eco Recycling support provides a capital return for Security and I.T Hardware with secure data wiping of all equipment. We also provide organisations and multi-site enterprises with collected or on site shredded paper waste services, with full industry certification provided on completion.









Innovation - 360o Total security systems

G6S Security offers cost effective and complete fire and security system services including surveillance and network security solutions, bespoke security and fire systems design, 24/7 ARC Monitoring including Keyholder and Police/Fire Brigade Response Services.

Latest Devices

Unbelievable Results

Hardware Never Fails!

G6S Security has partnerships in place to procure from the leading security and network security manufacturers in the industry ensuring peace of mind when installing or upgrading equipment. This ensures customers always will always receive the latest and most reliable technology in the market place for all parts and new equipment.

Always Reliable Installation

Our G6S Security Engineers and Cyber Security Support Technicians all have extensive industry experience and hold installation, maintenance and design certification from Industry leaders including Hanwha, Texecom, Honeywell, C Tec, Paxton, Salto, Cisco and many more.

Leading by Innovation!

Our Microsoft Digital Partner Status and commitment to utilising the latest secure business and cloud technology provides G6S Security and our clients with access to the latest cloud and mobile applications to help reduce emissions. These technologies are already integrating seamlessly into our client and internal systems of working.

360 o Total Security Services

360 o Security & Monitoring System Services

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