Hanwha’s Wisenet AI NVR supports LPR

Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet P series AI NVRs support LPR search when working with non AI cameras or Wisenet AI cameras together. Users can easily and instantly search License Plates using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology which are recorded with digital data based on letters and numbers.

It also offers easy and quick search with only partial numbers or letters. For example, users can search license plates that include number ‘1’ or letter ‘A’ or combination such as ‘A1’ from all footage. But for now, LPR search is available only with Wisenet P and X series cameras.

With AI search of AI NVRs, users can search and track the vehicle based on license plate. With the help of forensic data, users can quickly search and utilise information for investigations, greatly improving security functions for integrated video surveillance. For example, if a vehicle is stolen, users can search video with a license plate information to track them.

User-friendly experience

The new AI NVRs adopt a user friendly UI to provide easy configuration of events and alarms as well as efficient search for events. The new Install wizard allows users to easily register multiple cameras at once, view multiple timeline of up to 4 cameras, and watch preview with a mouse over, providing quick search of video from the timeline.

With the newly added Dynamic Event feature, users can utilise camera’s new events without the need to update NVR firmware. Additionally, the Bookmark feature offers up to 100 sets of bookmarks and provides search and export from bookmark lists, allowing for more discreet management of important footage.

“With the launch of AI NVRs, we have completed a range of integrated end-to-end AI security solutions featuring AI cameras, NVRs, and VMS. AI greatly enhances speed and efficiency of conventional video surveillance, enabling smart integrated surveillance systems.” states Hanwha Techwin’s statement on the development.

Source: SecurityWorldMarket

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