Batteries in keyless solutions – Threat or opportunity in critical infrastructure protection?

Incorporating batteries into keyless solutions represents a significant advancement in safeguarding critical infrastructure. However, it also initiates a multifaceted discussion on its impact on security and operational benefits. In this discussion, ABLOY explores battery-powered locking solutions and examines the potential risks and advantages they present.

Battery-Powered Solutions and IoT

The dynamic nature of battery-based solutions underscores their importance in enhancing security protocols. Although batteries have limited lifespans, their consistent power output opens new possibilities in the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT). The benefits far outweigh the associated costs, as comprehensive monitoring reduces expenses by minimizing false alarms and unnecessary trips while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of operations.

Dispelling the “Maintenance-Free” Myth

Every lock, regardless of its type or design, requires maintenance and care to ensure proper functionality and durability. Maintenance requirements vary based on the type of lock. For instance, mechanical locks benefit from regular lubrication, while electronic locks necessitate periodic battery replacements and software updates. By combining high-quality locks with routine maintenance, we can extend their lifespan and mitigate security vulnerabilities.


Choosing between Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies may seem complicated but is essential for comprehending their advantages and limitations. While wired alternatives provide continuous power, they come with placement restrictions in remote critical infrastructure sites. NFC functions without continuous power, limited to close-range activations, making it less suitable for IoT applications. In contrast, battery-powered Bluetooth® locks offer uninterrupted power, wireless adaptability, operational ranges of up to ten meters, and compatibility with gateway devices, representing future-proof capabilities, as witnessed in the ABLOY BEAT keyless portfolio. With the help of a battery, the lock can be awakened remotely. This makes remote monitoring and remote opening possible with battery-powered locks.

Enhancing Situational Awareness with a Continuous Power Source

Battery-powered locks usher in a new era of connectivity, offering unmatched security and privacy protection. Remote monitoring and management, without the need for physical on-site presence, set them apart from NFC and battery-free locks that require proximity for activation. The capability to remotely access and monitor battery-powered locks through gateway devices significantly enhances situational awareness at critical infrastructure sites. Imagine a remote data cabinet in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to its IoT-based locking solution, you can monitor the conditions and lock status online. In case of tampering or any other unexpected event, the battery-based lock status will change and trigger an alarm in your systems, keeping you constantly aware of your critical infrastructure’s security situation.

Enhancing Security with Battery-Powered Locks

When it comes to ensuring data reliability, battery-operated locks offer a substantial advantage. Locks equipped with a continuous power supply feature an internal clock, ensuring that their date and time settings remain accurate at all times. In contrast, locks lacking a power source often lack this internal clock, rendering them susceptible to tampering with date and time settings. For instance, the ABLOY BEAT keyless solution incorporates a clock mechanism that safeguards data integrity, even when operating offline.

Simplified Battery Replacement

Addressing concerns about battery replacement costs, the ABLOY BEAT ecosystem strikes a seamless balance. With a battery lifespan exceeding 5,000 activations (equivalent to approximately five years), the inherent value of BEAT products surpasses routine battery maintenance. Battery replacement is streamlined and predictable, facilitated by low battery notifications via CIPE Manager access management software or the BEAT mobile app. The user-friendly process involves quick replacement with standard tools during regular site visits, with supplementary power infusion via a USB-C port underscoring the system’s resilience.

Universal and Future-proof Bluetooth® Connectivity

Distinguished by its universality and reliability, Bluetooth® connectivity emerges as an essential cornerstone of modern lock technology. Its global presence in smartphones ensures effortless adoption for authorized users. Within the ABLOY BEAT portfolio, the keyless range incorporates audit trail capabilities, enhancing transparency and accountability. BEAT’s potential extends beyond lock functionality, integrating site monitoring, tampering detection, and temperature insights.

Balancing Challenges and Opportunities – Managing Batteries in Keyless Solutions

The integration of batteries into keyless solutions introduces a dual perspective, simultaneously posing challenges and offering opportunities. As security experts, our commitment to innovation and comprehensive protection propels us into a new era of enhanced security. The careful management of batteries in keyless solutions becomes an opportunity for improved security and operational efficiency, especially in remote areas, such as critical infrastructure sites.

For a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities of battery-based keyless solutions, explore the ABLOY BEAT webpage and brochure.


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