Salto achieves carbon neutrality

Salto Systems has achieved carbon neutrality thanks to its participation in two innovative projects with a triple-transformative effect on the economy, society and nature to achieve Salto’s goal: for its operations to have zero impact on the climate. In order to accelerate decarbonisation and...

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Why AI is taking surveillance to another level

In video cameras, AI plays a two-fold role in making image analysis possible but also improving the quality and reliability of captured footage. In doing so, AI is bringing new levels of situational awareness and understanding to security teams and other business functions. Here,Uri...

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“Deeper integration of access control technologies will contribute to business success”

In a survey of industry professionals for the Wireless Access Control Report 2021, over 90 per cent of re-spondents noted the importance of integration across building management functions. “Interoperability is now essential for joined-up security. Security and facility managers want systems which work together...

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